At Roamer Rose our expertise is in structure, fit and comfort.  Kyla is a qualified tailoress, designer and pattern cutter and for these reasons you’re in skilled hands throughout the alteration process on your dress or separates.  Your dress may just need the hem taking up or lifting on the train, or it could need reshaping on the bodice.  Others can need extensive resizing to ensure a perfect fit on the day; in such situations you must allow at least eight weeks for this.  Finishes are all hand done with traditional couture methods, which can remove some of the otherwise ‘not so nice’ methods of factory made gowns. Prices for all work will be quoted at the fitting, with final payment due on collection.

The Procedure

1) Alterations consultation appointment made (shoes & underwear needed)

2) Visit to studio with dress

3) Discuss the venue and the wedding details, then the dress issues

4) Try on dress for pin fitting

5) Discuss length and train options

6) We will finalise the price based on work required

7) 40% deposit paid, dress left at studio

8) follow up fittings and dates discussed

9) Any further adjustments or additions + press

10) Collection date and final payment 1-2 weeks before wedding