An afterthought for many, accessories can sometimes either just melt into the background or completely overwhelm the bride on her special day. Accessories at Roamer Rose are not shy and retiring but neither are they heavy and mass produced.  All little details of each client, the dress, venue, character features are considered.  The piece or pieces (veil, tiara, combs or pins) become an integral part of the brides ensemble.  With Kyla’s eye for florals, pattern, symbols and materials the accessory is elevated.  Each individual detail is colour, texture and pattern matched so the dress and adornments sit in harmony.  It’s worth while remembering that over 70% of our materials are recycled and repurposed, making each and every unique piece a true work of art with integrity.  Behind our values is our clients; supporting innovation, individuality and artisan skills.

See some of our accessories below. Visit our studio for more accessories or please contact us if you would like to discuss a bespoke accessory piece.