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My history with flowers goes back decades to my mother’s collections of roses and my Grandfathers Chrysanthemums. I was chief wildflower and grasses gatherer for the many arrangements my mother used to inspire her loom wall hangings and knitwear pieces. By the time I had discovered my love for designing wedding dresses in the North of England I recognised how much flowers were embedded in all the work I did, whether hand painting, embroidering or sculpting silk fabrics in couture wedding dresses. Our clients were very soon asking for unique bouquets to match their dresses and part of our design emporium became dedicated to flower art.

After moving to the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall I now focus solely on my flower work and having gained an incredible garden I grow small batches of flowers and herbs to mix into my displays. Other reserves will come from the seasonal flower growers close to my door and some seasonal imported roses and more exotic requirements whenever it is realistically needed. That is the nature of floristry - variety of produce is not a bad phrase and all growers across the world have the right to earn a good wage and sustainably flourish. I use environmentally friendly products and am known for my fierce dependence on recycling. Many years ago, I set out to rekindle the joy of dried flowers, a trending journey that many florists have now joined me on. These I dry at my workshop/cottage although for there to be sufficient quantities for a large wedding, bookings need to be secured at least 6 months in advance.

We are voyeurs of the flower, no two are ever purely the same and their shades, scents and form are the envy of every imaginative soul. Reimagining natures displays is a challenge for every florist and that is the joy for me and my flower art. My skills and experience are based in natural creations where also the venue, theme and emotions of the day are key elements to how your flowers and materials will be sourced and worked into an array of inspired displays – whatever size event you’re planning on. My floral arrangements need to have a narrative: romance, precedence, celebratory, or symbolising a life lived. Beautiful flowers and all the splendour of foliage are ensembles that delight the senses and tell us of fairy tales from forests, the romance of the garden and the mystical magic of coastlines.

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