My history with flowers go back to my Mother’s roses and my Grandfather’s chrysanthemums, both were a constant fascination. I was also the chief wild flower and grass’s collector for many an interesting arrangement for the family home. Sometime later over seven years was spent working within my own wedding establishment where I created personalised bouquets and table arrangements for brides.

Nature is obviously the best florist and I try and replicate the various visual delights one comes across whilst out exploring the landscape in all seasons. Only taking conscientiously in order to preserve the wild flowers that grow and obviously not removing anything that is legally protected, my aim is to grow my own reserves for such events as weddings and shows. On a client’s request I will order in cut flowers but will always endeavour to use local seasonal produce wherever possible.

My floral arrangements need to have a narrative, a story to tell before the flowers fade. These gatherings are brought together to form a new social display, what are they saying - who has presidency, tries to outshine and who must sturdily prop up the delicate?

Flowers and their characters, the characters behind the creations….interesting depictions….ensembles that are typical, eventful, supporting cast for the day’s celebrations but should always include a hint of fairy tale from the forests, the romance of the garden or the mystical magic of the coastlines.